Saturday, March 7, 2015

Introduction to the Blog

I decided to start this blog to bring awareness to what occurs after adopting a rescue animal from a local shelter.  To a certain degree, I was not prepared for the amount of work that was necessary, but I was also not prepared for how rewarding it ended up being.  Not only does the animal you adopt transform, but you, as the adopter, change in the process as well. 

In addition to blogging about the dog that recently adopted (November 7, 2014), I may highlight, on occasion, a few dogs at the shelter where I volunteer and/or dogs that I may end up fostering.  I feel that these dogs deserve to find their forever families, and if this blog helps them find that family, I will silently rejoice for the years of joy that they will experience. 

I will provide tips and tricks that have worked for me in this blog; however, I am not an expert pet behaviorist nor am I veterinarian, veterinarian technician, or dog trainer.  Whenever you are in doubt, please never hesitate in contacting either the shelter that you adopted from or your veterinarian for assistance.

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